History and location

From the Civilcasino in the early 1920s through three generations to today’s Diehls Hotel.

A family hotel through the generations. Come along as we take a journey through the history of Diehls Hotel – from its founding, in 1919, right up to the present day.

Information about the location and direction.


The first generation.

On June 1, 1919, August Diehl purchased what was then the Civilcasino in the Ehrenbreitstein area of Koblenz. Together with his wife, Elisabeth, Diehl fulfilled a lifelong dream, transforming the former casino into a restaurant “floating above the water.” Today’s Rhine Terrace was born. When work began on the first hotel tract, Diehl laid the cornerstone for what would become today the oldest owner-operated 4-star hotel in Koblenz until 2018.

The second generation.

After a number of shorter construction phases and after surviving the war, the Rhine Terrace – rather modest until then – was renovated into a modern hotel in 1954. In 1961, Franz Diehl (born in 1915), August Diehl’s eldest son, took over from his father, becoming the second generation in the family to run the business.

The third generation.

From these beginnings over 90 years ago, the hotel has gone through various stages of expansion and renovation to form today’s Diehls Hotel, now in its third generation of management by the Diehl family. The latest renovations also strike a balance between today’s standards and the enduring love of the historical details that lend the hotel its unique charm and individual character.

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Our hotel has experienced near constant change over the past few decades, but one thing has always remained the same: its wonderful location direct on the Rhine, facing the historic Koblenz city center. The cozy and welcoming 4-star hotel is located in the heart of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley UNESCO World Heritage site, right on the banks of the Rhine, so you can enjoy a peerless panoramic view from here. With this spectacular location, our hotel offers you a wide range of possible leisure time activities, from a walk along the cliffs with fantastic views of Koblenz to a visit to the Deutsches Eck (German Corner), where the Rhine and Mosel meet. And right there, high above the rivers, is the towering fortress of Ehrenbreitstein. The fortress can be reached on foot or by aerial cable car – a truly special experience. The fortress offers various exhibits, multimedia shows, and a viewing platform, inviting visitors to explore. The Electoral Palace (Kurfürstliches Schloss) and its gardens and the flower market (Blumenhof) at Deutsches Eck are also worth a visit. The historic city center of Koblenz is home to many cafés, inviting visitors to enjoy a leisurely stroll around the area. And even if the weather happens to prove uncooperative during your visit to Koblenz, you can visit one of the many museums in the local area.
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