Palaces and castles

A touch of History

The Electoral Palace (Kurfürstliches Schloss) of Koblenz, Haus Metternich, Fort Helfenstein, Fort Asterstein, Alte Burg (“Old Castle”), Deutschherrenhaus (former Teutonic Order of Knights administrative building), and Schloss Stolzenfels (Stolzenfels Castle) are just some of the sights that are worth visiting along with Ehrenbreitstein Fortress.
The Middle Rhine Valley is home to over 40 palaces and castles in all, spread along an approximately 65-kilometer stretch of the river. These sites tell a number of interesting stories. For those visiting Koblenz, Stolzenfels Castle and its park are a must.
Stolzenfels Castle, located just a short distance from Koblenz, is one of the area’s most beautiful castles. The castle itself epitomizes the romantic history of the Rhine. The Electoral Palace and the Lenné-Garten, in the style of French classicism, are also worth visiting. With such a wealth of attractions, it is no wonder the Upper Middle Rhine Valley and its around 40 castles have been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2002.
Koblenz – and especially Diehls Hotel – is a perfect place to immerse yourself in this rich and exciting history.

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